Justin Davison
Member One Federal Credit Union
Justin will serve another term as president of the VACC; he was first elected in 2017. He was born in Mt. Holly, New Jersey and relocated to Vinton in 2008. He has 11 years in banking and finance. In September 2012, Davison joined Member One Federal Credit Union at its Vinton location. This allowed him to start his initial volunteering here in Vinton. He now serves as the Market Manager for South Roanoke/Vinton and “loves taking part in all of Member One’s volunteer and community development initiatives.” One of the greatest things he has learned over the years is “People Helping People is what it is all about.”
Davison served in roles in the Rotary Club of the Blue Ridge—New Generations and as a liaison in many community initiatives. 
Allison Finney
1st Vice President
American Efficiency Inns
Allison Finney will be serving again as First Vice President. She is a graduate of William Byrd High School and Virginia Tech where she majored in Housing, Interior Design and Resource Management with an option in Residential Management.  She manages several residential properties (apartments and single-family homes) in Roanoke, Salem, and Vinton.  Finney also manages American Efficiency Inns, an extended stay motel located in downtown Vinton.
Finney has been involved with many organizations over the years. She is a founding member of the Square Society, serving on their board for many years and eventually becoming president. 
Bruce Mayer
2nd Vice President
Mayer, Bruce, Attorney at Law
Bruce will continue to serve as Second Vice President. Mayer has served several terms on the VACC Board of Directors, twice as President.  He has practiced law in the Vinton area since 1982. He is currently president of the Vinton Luncheon Lions Club, served as past president of the Vinton Dogwood Festival (in 1995) and served on and was chairman of the Vinton Planning Commission. He is currently serving his second term on the Virginia State Milk Commission, appointed by the Governor of Virginia.